We are the experts. Based on our knowledge and experience, we know how to run long-term IT projects. We have implemented and keep developing most of our systems in the banking sector.


We design, programme and test dedicated systems, making use of cutting edge technologies and agile methodologies. We train our Customers’ staff and ensure service for implemented systems.

System Maintenance

We help our Customers handle and develop their systems. We select our technologies and methodologies based on design assumptions and the Customer’s environment capacity.



Our team is made up of programmers, analysts, testers, and project managers. Passionate and always searching for innovative solutions, they are experts in their fields, determined to reach their goals. We’ll make their services available to you at required time, on the premises or remotely.



We give comprehensive support to our Customers. We’ll dispatch a well-integrated team of specialists to guarantee successful project running at the highest technological level. In addition, as part of our Extended Model, you will receive support of our Expert who will supervise the works throughout the whole project.


We are competent in carrying out banking, financial, energy, project management, business/system analysis, and automatic/manual test projects. We treat your business professionally.
Billing Systems

For our Customer, we have developed and implemented a Fees & Commissions Charging System in the Bank for SOHO, SME, and CORPO clients. We also have our proprietary system for settling the work of agents in multi-agencies, dedicated to RETAIL clients in the banking and financial sector.

Seizures by Bailiffs

We have prepared a System Handling Seizures by Bailiffs for the banking sector. It is still being maintained and developed. Its main elements include: automatic repayments, concurrence settlements and collective repayments. Moreover, the system has been linked to Ognivo2®.

Ognivo2® - Message Handling

KIR S.A. gives access to the Ognivo2® platform connecting banks, enforcement agencies, prosecution services, and courts in Poland. For two banks, we have made and maintain a system enabling the exchange of several thousand messages a day (for 154 types), featuring e-photos and account queries.


Leveraging team outsourcing, we have participated in the installation of an electronic banking system for one of the largest banks in Poland.

Flexi Claim – Claims and Damages

It is our proprietary system for handling bancassurance claims and damages. The system swaps data with insurance companies offering account and loan insurance policies (also in regard to mortgages).

Aviation Sector

We have developed MIS System for the aviation sector, featuring: workflow / APS / handling of cost documents, Sales Reporting System, Document Circulation System, and a data warehouse connected to the Reservation System.


Portal Flexi
Flexi Lease

Portal Flexi

Log in and use the

Comprehensive Company Management System

The portal is very simple to work with. You’ll have a free hand running your projects, and you’ll be able to see the history of contacts with your clients and employees. One user may handle several companies and set parameters for each element of the system.

Sales Module
The module makes it possible to manage sales with regards to client types, product groups, and sales types. It also enables comprehensive analysis of revenue and costs in the Extended Sales.
HR Module
It enables analysis of the recruitment process, development, and soft competences. Furthermore, the module makes it possible to manage current recruitment processes and assign them to candidates or employees. In addition, the HR Module makes it easy to describe events related to cooperation with a given specialist.
Documents Module
The Documents Module is a tool giving employees access to the current templates, marketing materials, and specimen documents.
Equipment Module
The equipment management in the Flexi Portal system allows you to register company resources and assign equipment to particular employees.
Business Intelligence
One of the most important features of the portal is the embedded Business Intelligence reporting which gives you the possibility to report your activities.

Flexi Lease

Leasing Process Management

The Flexi Lease system enables management of the leasing processes in a leasing company or a bank, as far as the granting of operational and financial leasing is concerned. The application is available to employees of the bank, the staff working in the salons, and independent car sellers.

If you have in place a BI tool or a data warehouse combined with that tool, we will give you access to special views from the database (or Data Storage) in order to download data for reporting. In addition, there is a reporting module embedded in the system, which presents data on the screens, making it possible to generate reports in the form of documents. The reports may be generated against filters such as product types, sales item types, employee groups, or other parameters, e.g. the number of installments, the value of redemption, or the own payment indicator.
User Management
System FlexiLease umożliwia podłączenie do środowiska LDAP, co w przypadku pracowników banku jest preferowane. Dodatkowo, w systemie istnieje możliwość skonfigurowania użytkowników zewnętrznych z uprawnieniami do gałęzi w strukturze organizacyjnej. Takie podejście daje możliwość udostępniania danych dla niezależnych sprzedawców, czy też salonów w pełnym zakresie generowanej przez nich akcji sprzedażowej.
Notices, Terminations of Agreement, Billing
The system automatically generates VAT invoices related to leasing agreements. In addition, it is posssible to set product parameters enabling quicker closing of the contract pursuant to applicable laws, and to assign the contract to another entity. Furthermore, the size of the system settings makes it possible to set the consumer leasing parameters.
Comments, Events, Actions in the System
The Flexi Lease system makes it possible to view all the actions related to a given agreement or the working of the system. Moreover, you yourself can introduce comments on the course of processes, activities, or phone calls with clients or debtors.
Automatic Operations, SMS, Mailing
Flexi Lease has a module enabling automatic generation of messages (e.g. text messages or mailings), taking into account message types. The module may be connected directly (through a rail) to an SMS gate, a mailing system, or a system handling traditional paper correspondence (for example within the scope of the printing line). The system parameters make it possible to provide the client with updated information on events such as issued invoices, no payment for a given invoice, or the near term of redeeming additional products (e.g. insurance).


The system for registering purchases and related guarantees. Go to log in, and use the application

Customer Benefits

All the receipts, invoices, and guarantees in one place. Quick access to information. History of claims.

Network Benefits

Sales of new products, accessories, insurance types. Building relations with clients.

Insurance Company Benefits

Sales of special purpose insurance. Sales of additional products such as extended guarantees.


Document Management System based on HC .NET Framework

The DMS is all about managing information in a tree structure; managing access to data, resources, and documents; comments; quick access to information; simple tagging of data and change reporting.

HC .Net Framework – General Characteristics

HC .Net Framework is a universal front-end for creating applications based on the .NET technology and the MS SQL Server database. Implementation requires all the basic modules, but their architecture enables easy and quick creation and modification of applications based on unsophisticated .NET modules. The platform is light, and all the loads stemming from the process logics are handled by the MS SQL Server.

User & Authorisation Management
The module is used both to define users in the HC.net Framework portal system, and to assign appropriate user authorisations. One of the module characteristics is the authorisation assignment template management. The module is also connected with scenario configuration, making it possible to assign authorisations, e.g. to change status or ensure access to certain parts of data. Users are authorised in the Windows Authentication Mode.
The flow definition module makes it possible to define automatic actions such as sending correspondence, sending e-mails with attached messages, sending text messages, and sending voice alerts (via IVR) where it is possible to control the arrival.
The system enables defining need-based reports as exports to files in different formats such as XSL, or TXT. Combined with the scenario management module, the system may be configured in such a way as to generate – automatically at required intervals – reports for user groups in the form of attachments. Depending on the technology required by the Bank and where it is possible to use ACTIVX Components, we can provide you with the functionality enabling real time reporting based on the .NET /JS components.
User Interface Layer
For that purpose, we have used our super light businessapproach.pl HC.NET Framework portal, which provides you with capabilities such as User Management, Workflow, and Reporting, and which is equipped with mechanisms enabling financial transaction management and translation of contents in each form. The whole logic of the aforementioned modules has been provided at the side of the database engine. It gives you extraordinary speed of applications, ensuring maximal integration. Technologically speaking, the visualisation involves ASP .NET + AJAX Toolkit based on IIS + Framework 2.0 (or higher). The solution is extremely efficient and very easy to put into practice as a front-end for other applications/services.


We are looking for talented individuals interested in carrying out large IT projects, mainly in the banking sector. Working for us means a B2B or employment contract, work in the office or telework, Polish and international projects, competence development, and good salary. Don’t wait for the add, and send your CV today at: job@businessapproach.pl

  • Warszawa
  • Minimum 4 lata doświadczenia w programowaniu, w tym 2 lata na platformę Android.
  • Praktyczna znajomość programowania aplikacji mobilnych na Android.
  • Biegłość oraz doświadczenie z językiem Java i Android SDK, mile widziany Kolin
  • Umiejętność posługiwania się narzędziami kontroli wersji - preferowany GIT.
  • Bardzo dobra znajomość zagadnień projektowania i programowania obiektowego.
  • Doświadczenie w tworzeniu aplikacji w architekturze client-server
  • Umiejętność pisania testów jednostkowych i funkcjonalnych.
  • Znajomość zagadnień relacyjnych baz danych.
The following will be an advantage:
  • znajomość Samsung KNOX SDK
  • Warszawa
  • Doświadczenie 3 – 5 lat.
  • wykształcenie informatyczne wyższe,
  • bardzo dobrą znajomość programowania w języku X++,
  • dobra znajomość programowania w językach (C#, SQL),
  • minimum dwu letnie doświadczenie na podobnym stanowisku,
  • podstawową wiedzę z zakresu rachunkowości i logistyki,
  • podstawową wiedzę z zakresu funkcjonalności modułów Dynamics AX (Finanse, Handel i Logistyka i inne),
  • umiejętność samodzielnego rozwiązywania problemów,
  • umiejętność tworzenia dokumentacji technicznej.
The following will be an advantage:
  • uczestnictwo w procesach wdrożeniowych oprogramowania na systemy produkcyjne,
  • znajomość metodyk pracy zwinnej, umiejętność pracy w zespole, komunikatywność.
  • Łódź
  • dobra znajomość platformy Informatica Power Center w zakresie budowy procesów ETL, doświadczenie komercyjne minimum 6 miesięcy
  • znajomość zagadnień inżynierii systemów informatycznych oraz metodyki ich wytwarzania.
  • praktyczne doświadczenie z zakresu projektowania i programowania systemów informacyjnych dla instytucji finansowych, telekomunikacyjnych lub instytucji podobnych odnośnie charakteru prowadzonej działalności, wielkości, złożoności i jakości rozwiązań informatycznych.
  • znajomość języka angielskiego przynajmniej na poziomie umożliwiającym porozumiewanie się oraz czytanie dokumentacji i literatury technicznej
The following will be an advantage:
  • znajomość Oracle Apex w zakresie budowy aplikacji,
  • znajomość zagadnień Business Intelligence (BI),
  • znajomość środowiska QlikView.

Management Board of the Company

Management Board of Business Approach Sp. z o.o. Among the main tasks of the Management Board are: ensuring project financing, creation of new products, and further development of the Company’s portals for SOHO, SME, and RETAIL segments. In 2017, the Company launched a new product – Flexi Lease – which is a comprehensive leasing process management system.

informacje o firmie

Adam Pietrasik

President of the Management Board of Business Approach Sp. z o.o.

A graduate of the Social Academy of Sciences in Łódź. In 2010, graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics at the Collegium of Management and Finance. For 15 years associated with the IT. Responsible mainly for the sale of IT solutions for customers in the banking and finance sector. He has been associated with Business Approach since August 2017.

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